Our History

Junior Auxiliary of Taney County (JATC) is a group of women dedicated to improving the lives of children in Taney County, Missouri. Our projects are designed to fulfill the virtues of charity, youth, health, community service and leadership in members and those we serve.

JATC was established in 1997 by a group of caring, enthusiastic women who wanted to make a difference in the lives of local children.  In 1998 the group was chartered as a Chapter of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries (NAJA) and was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c (3) organization eligible to receive tax deductible donations.  JATC has continued to grow and thrive.  Approximately 50 members annually contribute more than 4,000 volunteer hours and thousands of dollars as they strive to improve the mental, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and families in Taney County.


The History of Junior Auxiliary

The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries (NAJA), is a non-profit organization founded in 1941 with headquarters in Greenville, Mississippi.  NAJA has more than 15,000 active, associate and life members in over 98 chapters located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.  Our slogan is “Care Today-Character Tomorrow”. 

NAJA encourages its members to render charitable services that are beneficial to the general public, with particular emphasis on children, and to cooperate with other organizations performing similar services.

Junior Auxiliary of Taney County Chronology

  • Dec 1996: Organizing Meeting, College of the Ozarks

  • Jan 1997: Petitioning Chapter-First Chapter meeting held at First Baptist Church, Branson; Darlene Rea elected 1st JATC Chapter President

  • Jun 1997: First session of Teen Court (first service project)

  • Sep 1997: First fundraiser, “Mum’s the Word” sale

  • May 1998: JATC receives charter as the 100th Junior Auxiliary Chapter; Ashley Doty becomes 2nd JATC Chapter President

  • Aug 1998: First Provisional Tea

  • Dec 1998: Bank Balance $2,977.92 (from Mum Sale and Rummage Sale)

  • Feb 1999: New Chapter Training by NAJA at Lakeshore Resort

  • May 1999: Leanna Bennett elected 3rd JATC Chapter President

  • Sep 1999: First Fall Retreat at Lakeshore Resort; Mentoring Program and TLC (service projects) begin

  • Apr 2000: First Annual Installation and Awards Banquet

  • May 2000: Judy Garrison becomes 4th JATC Chapter President; Darlene Rea elected as NAJA Recording Secretary

  • Mar 2001: First “Trivia Challenge” at the Lodge of the Ozarks

  • May 2001: Carissa Lilly becomes 5th JATC Chapter President; JATC is awarded the NAJA Public Relations Award for the Trivia Challenge

  • May 2002: Madeline Allin becomes 6th JATC Chapter President

  • Jun 2002: First meeting held in the JA Room at the K-Life Building

  • Apr 2003: First book delivery for Literacy Project – delivered over 400 books to four elementary classes in Taney County (Child Welfare Project)

  • May 2003: Carol Miller becomes 7th JATC Chapter President; Madeline Allin serves on NAJA Scholarship Committee

  • Apr 2004: First meeting of JATC Crown and Gavel (Past Presidents group); JATC wins NAJA Award of Excellence

  • May 2004: Judy Garrison becomes 8th JATC Chapter President (her second term); Carol Miller appointed to NAJA Finance Committee and serves until 2007

  • May 2004: JATC Scholarship program starts

  • Oct 2004: College Readiness Notebook presented at high school college night

  • Mar 2005: Spring Fashion Show (Service Project with Delmina Woods Residential Center)

  • May 2005: Jean Mueller becomes 9th JATC Chapter President

  • May 2006: Jean Mueller re-elected as 10th JATC Chapter President; Madeline Allin elected as NAJA’s 2nd Vice President of Marketing; Prom Dress Project (Service Project) initiated; JATC hosts NAJA Area Meeting in Branson

  • May 2007: Toni Ewing becomes 11th JATC Chapter President

  • May 2007: JATC ScholarCare Program begins

  • Sep 2007: Snacks-in-Packs Program begins for Hollister schools (service project)

  • May 2008: Danielle Cramer becomes 12th JATC Chapter President

  • May 2009: Kim (Hollingsworth) Wheeler becomes 13th JATC Chapter President; Run from the Couch (Finance) and Family Fun Walk (service project) held

  • Sep 2009: Ducky Drift (Finance Project) initiated by Provisional Class

  • Sep 2009: Tender Critters becomes official project transitioning from Trauma Bears

  • May 2010: Kim (Hollingsworth) Wheeler re-elected as 14th JATC Chapter President; JATC wins Branson Bank Cookbook Contest; Madeline Allin appointed Trustee to NAJA Foundation

  • Sep 2010: Ducky Drift (Finance Project) adds Family Fun Waddle (Service Project)

  • Dec 2010: Santa’s Gift House (Service Project) initiated

  • May 2011: Joan Anderson becomes 15th JATC Chapter President

  • Sep 2011: College Readiness Web Site created to replace Notebook

  • May 2012: Linda Lewis becomes 16th JATC Chapter President

  • Jun 2012: Summer Reading partnership with Taneyhills Library begin; Snacks-in-Packs transitioned to Hollister Gifted Program/Gift of Hope Backpack Program

  • Sep 2012: JATC pilots webinar approach for NAJA Area Meeting; Journey (Child Welfare Project) implemented

  • May 2013: Cathy Brown becomes 17th JATC Chapter President

  • Aug 2013: Women’s Crisis Center Adopt-A-Cottage (Service Project) begins

  • Aug 2013: JATC receives the “Apple from the Teacher” award from the Tri-Lakes Retired Teacher’s Association

  • Sep 2013: JATC implements Women’s Crisis Center Cottage project with a cottage work day

  • May 2014: Paula Gillispie becomes 18th JATC Chapter President

  • Jun 2014: JATC begins assisting with Book Swap Stop project at an extended stay hotel

  • Oct 2014: JATC develops new website

  • Nov 2014: JATC expands Book Swap Stop and it becomes Homework Helpers

  • Nov 2014: Andy Williams Christmas Show donates proceeds to JATC

  • Mar 2015: 15th Annual Trivia Night

  • May 2015: Nina Grayson becomes 19th JATC Chapter President

  • Jun 2015: JATC receives "A Tip of the Crown" for Homework Helpers article in NAJA's Crownlet

  • Jul 2015: Heart of Arts project begins

  • Sep 2015: Branson Women's Expo donates all door proceeds to JATC

  • Sep 2015: JATC office moves from K-Life Building to 110 Adams Street

  • Oct 2015: Homework Helpers expands to two extended stay motels

  • Oct 2015: Branson Women's Expo donates all door proceeds to JATC

  • Dec 2015: Santa's Gift House expands to include a Branson and a Bradleyville location

  • Feb 2016: First Annual JATC Days sponsored by Mr. G's Pizza

  • Apr 2016: 16th Annual Trivia Night

  • May 2016: Paula Gillispie becomes 20th JATC Chapter President (her second term)

  • Jun 2016: Received a Grant from Branson-Hollister Rotary that will assist us in funding a new Service Project entitled "Learners Today--Leaders Tomorrow" at Bradleyville Schools

  • Jun 2016: Journey (Service Project) is discontinued

  • Aug 2016: "Learners Today--Leaders Tomorrow" (Service Project) is implemented at Bradleyville Elementary Schools

  • Oct 2016: Branson Women's Expo donates all door proceeds to JATC

  • Feb 2017: Second Annual JATC Days sponsored by Mr. G's Pizza

  • March 2017: 17th Annual Trivia Night

  • May 2017: Sara Henderson becomes 21st JATC Chapter President

  • May 2017: New Service Project called Hip Hop into Fitness is introduced

  • May 2017: Empowering the Little Dreamers is introduced

  • Sep 2017: JATC office moves from 110 Adams Street to 10998 Historic Hwy 165, Suites G & I. Hollister, MO 65672

  • Feb 2018: Third Annual JATC Days sponsored by Mr. G's Pizza

  • April 2018: 18th Annual Trivia Night

  • May 2018: Bobbie Wydeen becomes 22nd JATC Chapter President

  • May 2018: Hip Hop into Fitness is dropped due to lack of participation

  • May 2018: “Learners Today—Leaders Tomorrow” (Service Project) grant is given to Mark Twain Schools

  • May 2018: Homework Helpers (Service Project) goes on hiatus until/unless new location is found; Book Swap continues

  • September 2018: First STEM Project with Mark Twain students

  • November 2018: White River Valley Electric gives a $1000 grant to Santa’s Gift House

  • December 2018: 9th Annual Santa’s Gift House

  • February 2019: Tender Critters Drive

  • April 2019: 19th Annual Trivia Night

  • April 2019: Homework Helpers, Heart of Arts, Learners Today-Leaders Tomorrow, and OTC Emergency Education Fund Projects are discontinued

  • May 2019: Marcia VanderLaan becomes 23rd Chapter President

  • Sep 2019: Participates in College Fair

  • Jun 2019: Market Day Project (Finance) introduced by last year’s Provisional Class

  • Nov 2019: Taneyville Schools ask us to present a Hip Hop into Fitness

  • Nov 2019: Market Day Project (Finance) Repeated because of the success in June

  • Dec 2019: 10th Annual Santa’s Gift House (Service Project)

  • Apr 2020: 20th Annual Trivia Challenge/Silent Auction (Finance)

For more information on JATC, please visit our Facebook page or contact us via e-mail at jatcmo@gmail.com


More information on NAJA can be found at www.najanet.org.


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