8/11/14: JATC Partners with Schwan's Cares

JATC has partnered with Schwan's so you can get delicious food delivered right to your door AND make a financial contribution to our organization.

Starting  August 13, 2014, anyone may purchases one $25 gift certificate from Schwan’s online at the above link and JATC will receive $10 back.  

From August 13 – September 26, 2014  when utilizing code 12992 JATC will earn 20% of your order IF your order is either

  1. phoned into Schwan’s at 855-870-7208 or
  2. placed online,  ONLY.  

Please note, JATC will continue to earn 5% of your purchases from Schwan’s if utilizing the code and either phoning or ordering online until August 13, 2015