"Christmas in July" or "School Supplies in January"

You’ve probably heard about “Christmas in July”, but you may not be familiar with School Supplies in January.  This month, JATC will be taking a carload of crayons, pencils, pens, paper and glue sticks to Kirbyville, Taneyville, Bradleyville and Mark Twain Elementary Schools in eastern Taney County.   Junior Auxiliary members have been collecting high demand items since August and will be dropping these off in the next couple of weeks.  Knowing that many other organizations assist with items at the start of the school year, JA has adapted its long-running school supplies project to help fill supply shelves after the holiday break.  In addition to basic classroom supplies, members have collected and donated socks and underwear in all sizes. The budget allotted for this project will go to fill special requests from these schools such as hand sanitizer and construction paper.  Volunteers making the deliveries are treated to smiles and hugs from teachers and counselors, and leave to shouts of “Thank you” and “See you next year!”  A great way to warm up on a January day!