Almost Thirty Girls Say "Yes" to a Dress

For some people, daffodils popping out in woods and gardens and forsythia bursting forth from dormant branches are the first signs of spring.  For the members of JATC, being with a group of high school seniors looking for the perfect prom dress is a sure sign that the seasons are about to turn.  The last weekend in February the JA Room converts from a meeting space to dressing rooms and display areas for dresses, accessories, shoes and make-up.  JA volunteers collect dresses and accessories year-round for this weekend event at which girls who would otherwise not be able to take part in their prom can say yes to a dress.  Because the weather was still wintry, this year’s event stretched over two weekends on a sunny Friday and Saturday separated by snow and ice.  Nearly 30 young women, referred by their high school counselors and accompanied by mothers, grandmothers, siblings and friends, tried on dresses in all styles, colors and sizes.   25 JA volunteers participated in the two-day event, providing refreshments, pulling dresses, assisting with zippers, offering encouragement, suggesting accessories and applauding choices.  One girl’s comment summed up the feelings of many, “It‘s amazing to be able to have a beautiful prom dress to wear.  I love my dress! Thank you all so much.”


NB:  Next Saturday’s Trivia event raises funds to support this and nine other JA projects.  Hope to see you there!