A Jolly Holly Time!

Ho Ho Ho!  What fun it was to help so many children learn about the joy of giving.  Kids came to our Santa’s Gift House where they shopped, did crafts, enjoyed treats, and took pictures with Frosty and Santa.

Almost all JATC members helped with this project in one way or another.  Some helped set up the Gift House, some made the gifts, some made treats, some were elves who helped the children shop or make their own crafts, and all enjoyed watching the children have fun and learn about the joy of giving. 

Frosty and Santa were located in a Lollipop Forest and were surrounded by giant ornaments.   Three beautiful Christmas trees were surrounded by gifts while Christmas music played to help set the mood!  It was truly a Christmas Wonderland.

Parents and grandparents who accompanied the children were almost as excited as the kids! Everyone loved the treats and couldn’t believe we weren’t charging, and then, of course, there was the free table where parents could pick up extra items that they needed for Christmas.

The photo booth was a big hit!  One mother broke down in tears when her autistic son got his photo taken with Santa.  She said that was the first time since they adopted him that he had let someone take his photo and was overjoyed with the photo we gave her.  Another foster mother asked if she could have an extra photo to share with the birth mother.

We didn’t just give, but received also a $100 donation from one visiting grandparent to help with our future projects!  Everyone learned about the joy of giving at this wonderful event!  Let’s do it again next year.