My Way of Paying It Forward

There are many reasons ladies decide to join JATC, but the primary reason is that they are interested in improving the lives of children in our community.  This is the story of one of our JATC members.

‘I was asked to join JATC when I was younger, but I had a small child and was trying to go to school at the time.  I had no spare time for JATC and did not have the money for dues.  There was one JATC member who saw that I needed help myself and took me under her wing.   I received financial help from the organization for my schooling.

As time passed I began working as a kitchen manager and subbing as a bus driver at a local school. Both of those positions brought me in contact with many children who were hungry and in need.  When JATC started the backpack program at Hollister, I was thrilled to see how many children were being helped.  I was basically raised by a single mother, and we would have struggled more than we did without the help of organizations like JATC.

I love that our organization helps the Women’s Crisis Center and started the Homework Helpers program for kids at extended stay motels.  I’ve been in the situation where I was the one that needed help, and JATC or similar organizations were there for me.  I’m very passionate about being a part of an organization that helps people in need and understands the situations that life throws at you. 

You know I can’t even remember the name of the JATC member who took me under her wing and helped me when I was younger, but she made a lasting impression on me.  Being a part of JATC now is my way of paying forward.  My hope is that I will be that positive influence on someone else’s life.’