Helping Kids One At A Time

There are many kids in our community who don't have the benefits that our own children have.  Our organization would love to help all those kids, but it just isn't possible.  We have found a way to help some of those kids through our Homework Helpers program. 

This program works with kids living at extended stay motels.  Once a week we provide snacks for the kids (and a snack bag for them to take home), work with them on homework during the year, provide books for them to read, and have lots of fun activities that we do with them. 

One Wednesday we were sweeping and packing up our bags when Timothy, one of the boys attending Homework Helpers at one of the motels, approached Sheila, our project coordinator. "I've been coming to Homework Helpers every week since I was in the fourth grade," he said.  "I am starting 7th grade next week and am just wondering how long you think you ladies will be doing  this." Sheila thought for a moment and said, "Well I don't know, but I hope we will be doing it for a long time."  Timothy replied," I hope you all do it forever.  I always have fun when I come."

Timothy is learning many things at each session, but most importantly he is learning that we care about him.  Timothy is just one of the kids that we are helping, but each one of them is important to us. What a blessing it is to be able to work with these kids one at a time!