Helping One Child At A Time--Part 2

In an earlier journal entry, we talked about a boy named Timothy who had been with us for over 3 years.  Timothy told us last year that he hoped we would do Homework Helpers forever because he always had fun learning with us.  Timothy and his family have moved on but we hope he will always remember that we cared about him because we will always remember him.

Children in our Homework Helpers program seem to always be cheerful and grateful (at least around us) and thankful for how little they have.  Our members say it is so satisfying to spend time with these children because they are genuinely grateful for whatever we can do for them.

One of our ladies has developed a relationship with a teenage girl who has trouble reading.  Tara is a sweet girl who wants to improve herself and while she struggles with reading is happy to have someone spend time devoted to her and caring about her. Our JA member who helps Tara continues to stay in touch with Tara via Facebook while she is out of town and mailed her a bookmark for Christmas.  Do you remember how excited you were to get mail as a kid?  Just think what this meant to Tara! She knew that someone cared about her and thought about her even when she was not around. Tara has a tough life, but she is reading better and her self esteem continues to grow as other members also work with her.  She is very grateful for the little things that we do for her. 

At one of our extended stay motels conditions are less than desirable.  We use chair cushions that we haul back and forth and sit on the floor in a room that is cold on some of the wintry days. The children here like hanging out with us because we are fun and bring different things to play with that are also educational.  Of course they like the snacks too!  There are currently only 3 children at this location, but it is definitely worth it to us as we see how much the children benefit.

We are blessed to continue to be able to help these children—one, two, three, or more at a time!  They say that those who give of themselves often get more back in return and this project is an example of that.