What a Wonderful World We Live in!

What a wonderful world we live in!

The Women’s Crisis Center project that we do for the kids there is/was badly in need of an outdoor play area.  We had the area, but it was on an old filled in pool that had become overgrown with weeds, still had an old diving board, lots of cracks in the surfacing, and mildew on the walls. Our ladies put their heads together and soon we had an inspection by a Professional Engineer (donated) which included a list of what needed to be done to make it a usable playground. Next a local architecture firm did an architectural rendering (donated) of what it could look like for us. 

The city of Hollister had signed up to help the Center on United Way’s Day of Caring and they provided (donated) lots of man hours, trucks of dirt and gravel, power washing, removal of the old diving board and other protruding metal pieces. It was serendipitous that we had the list of items that needed to be done just in time for this Day of Caring workday.

With the weeds gone and the gravel in place, it’s starting to look like a play area. There’s still lots to do to have a real playground. We need another inspection, playground equipment, maybe rubber decking around the old pool for a racetrack, new lighting and fencing. 

Am I wishing for too much?  I keep hearing the word “donations” in my head and thinking that this will soon be a playground that we were only dreaming of just a couple months ago. 

The kids that come through the Women’s Crisis Center haven’t had an easy life, but this will be something special for them.  And it’s all because some ladies had an idea and a community that was willing to help. 

What a wonderful world we live in!