The Seven New Wonders of JATC

May brings the start of a new program and fiscal year for Junior Auxiliary.  JATC is delighted to have seven great new Active members as we begin this year.  These women completed a Provisional training period that began in September and concluded with their induction into active membership at our annual meeting in April. Two of these new members have already jumped into leadership and will serve on the Board this year.  Tammi Bellis will be the Chair of the Projects Committee which is the heart and soul of the organization.  Anna Morrisey will serve as Assistant Treasurer, a position that will morph into Treasurer next year. Our other new members include Collen Neill, Jonne Morrisey, Kimmberly Cook, Sharon Seay, and Eleni Poulos.  All have become involved in various ways.  Colleen joined three other members in Memphis at the National Education Conference sponsored by NAJA, our parent organization.  Eleni worked on design for all the materials for our recent Trivia event.  Others recently trooped out to Mark Twain School for our Hip Hop into Fitness event, providing physical activities and snacks for 46 students in the K-7 school.

It is wonderful to watch our membership grow.  We’ll soon be starting a new recruitment campaign for the next Provisional class.  For now these new Active members bring fresh energy, new skills, contagious enthusiasm and, above all, the chance to establish new friendships.  That’s just one part of the magic of JATC.