A High Tech Boost for JATC

We thought we’d really push ourselves for Give Ozarks Day this year.  This was the third year for this event, sponsored by Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO).  It’s a 24-hour, computer-based fund-raising drive.  JATC missed the first year but last year participated and generated more than $1000 with a modest goal of $500.  So this time we doubled our aspiration and established a goal of $2,000.

We had our members sign up to ensure that we had a least one donation during each hour of the 24-hour event (and everyone followed through—even the 3:00 AM designee!)  We encouraged everyone to contact their friends and family to join the ranks of our donors.  It is an appealing ask since donation takes about 5 minutes and the minimum donation is only $5.00.   It offers a great opportunity to broaden our donor base and increase awareness of our projects.

We also tried out the idea of an event where people could come and get assistance with their donations—designed for the computer-phobic and inveterate socializers.  From 6:00 to 8:00 AM we staffed a computer at the JA Office, inviting donors to join us.  A generous donation from Krispy Kreme fueled the bleary-eyed who showed up.  

And we scored!  JATC was one of more than 200 southwest Missouri organizations participating in Give Ozarks Day this year.  Our individual donors, a “Luck of the Draw” raffle prize of $1,500 from CFO, and special bonuses from the Taney County Community Foundation generated a total of $3,356.78 for our projects!   With out-of-pocket costs of about $40, this is an extremely efficient way of generating support. 

And wait ‘til next year…!