Trivia 2019 is Over! Trivia 2020 has Begun!

Down by the Sea Trivia, 2019 is over! All hands were on deck for another fantastic Trivia event! It always amazes me how everyone pulls together to make this event be a successful and fun fundraiser for JA.

There was something for every JA member to work on. You could help decorate, gather items for silent auction, make goodies for the Sweet and Salty Bar, write questions, sell raffle tickets, score questions, prepare invoices, work at the Wine Pull, get sponsors, etc, etc. Or you could be the Chair and organize and answer questions for everyone and have your finger in a little of everything!

There are some things we have no control over and are always some things that could be improved upon but overall this was a pretty smooth sailing Trivia. All JA members should be thanking our Chair for this year, Marcia VanderLaan, for the effort and time she put into this year’s event!

So Trivia, 2019 is over! And guess what? We’re already starting to work on Trivia, 2020! Next year’s date has been set: April 4, 2020! And a new venue has been chosen: The Chateau on the Lake!

The important thing to remember is that this is a Fundraiser to help JA enhance the lives of children in our community. We want to raise money! But we also want all our guests to have fun!

If you want to learn more about this year’s event, go to our website at If you have suggestions for next year’s Trivia, send them to