We all remember special moments we have had because we joined JA.  It might have been at Prom or Homework Helpers or Santa’s Gift House or any of the other Projects we work on each year.  What a blessing to be reminded of those moments through the eyes of these two new members!

In the words of a new JA member:

How do I even begin to tell you what an awesome experience this was for me?

So many girls tugged at my heart. There was the young woman who had never tried on a NEW dress before.  And the young woman who looked beautiful in the PERFECT dress---she even had on heels and jewelry.  Her complete personification changed.  I noticed a confidence and smile that I will never forget. Then there was the young woman whose father accompanied her to the event.  His face literally lit up when he saw his daughter in a beautiful dress. 

These experiences made a difference in my life, and I look forward to the event again next year.

 And another new JA member:

Oh, my goodness!  It was so much more than I even expected.  It was my first time to participate so it was all new to me.  The way it was organized similarly to “Say Yes to the Dress” was so fun. 

One event sticks in my mind.  It was my last young lady, and she needed help with the corset, so I stepped in to help her get situated.  She lit up when she put on that dress.  She really did look like a fairy princess!  It was such a special moment and I felt instantly bonded with this young lady and her mom.  I felt tremendously blessed to share in such a special moment between the young lady and her mom, a moment when she felt truly beautiful.  It showed in her eyes!  Both mom and daughter were deeply thankful and genuine in their appreciation.  I was moved to tears when they left.  We are even friends on Instagram so that I can see pictures of her at prom! 

If I hadn’t joined JA, I would have missed out on this special moment!